becoming - idealista

double vinyl ep, 300 copies
music by james s. taylor & cedrick eymenier 16:9
mastering mathieu berthet


This particular Becoming is a word stolen from Wilfred Bion - He had a concept of “O”.
So we stole the word. In that musician way of pinching a high intellectual idea / term and using it for some music. Yet there is a sense of becoming in our music. Things do change without seeming to do so - it’s not evolution or growth, more a constant state of micro change. Like the dust on my bedroom floor. The music came before the name. What you hear here was culled from many hours of improvisation. Nothing was composed or worked out. We just did it live to stereo 2track then edited. A healthy mix of old and new machines at play. Wobbly analogue synths and algorithmic digital drum machines - via dumb groove boxes of the 90s.

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