since 2005 cats hats gowns is yvan duhamel, cedrick eymenier, guillaume eymenier, mathias rossignol

Cats hats gowns winter
cats hats gowns
cats hats gowns - badisad obistroz
cats hats gowns - could i be a bee?
cats hats gowns - abrash
cats hats gowns - 10,000
cats hats gowns - flying to the tropics

side projects

once in a while, we ask luminous friends to shoot a sunset

contributions by james s. taylor, guillermo ueno, sébastien jamain, giasco bertoli, nitin shroff, fatima bianchi, akira rabelais, tomoko sugimoto, cedrick & guillaume eymenier

3 videos by guillermo ueno with unreleased cats hats gowns tracks

y&g - 3
becoming - idealista
chg - small infinities
16:9 - echolocation
guillaume eymenier - a stake set
james taylor & 16:9 - shits
j.s taylor & c. eymenier - fallen off the back of a lorry
deep catalogue - hesperides
deep catalogue - behind the seen
deep catalogue - in-vis-o
y&g - 2
y&g - 1
pace - two
pace - one
#13 - cedrick eymenier
#12 - tomoko sugimoto
#11 - james s. taylor
#10 - sébastien jamain
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